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Meet The Investigators

Lehigh Valley Oganization of Supernatural Studies

These are the courageous members of the LVOSS team! These are the only people who are affiliated with LVOSS Paranormal.



Stephen Slapinsky
Founder/Lead Investigator
I am Stephen Slapinsky, the founder of LVOSS, and I am very passionate about Paranormal Investigating. I was born and raised here in the city of Bethlehem.  I graduated from Liberty High School in the year 2001.  After graduating highschool, I attended Lincoln Technical Institute and graduated in 2002 with my Associate's degree in Electronic Engineering Technology.  I decided, back in 2006, to enroll in DeSales University to obtain my Bachelor's degree in the field of Criminal Justice.  I never really had an interest in paranormal phenomena until my friend, Chris, had introduced me into it in August of 2001.  I have purchased all of my equipment with my own money and wish to fully utilize it to prove the existance of spiritual entities, and help discover new data about them. 
Hobbies: Fishing, working out at the gym, and flying my RC Airplanes. 
Duties: Maintaining, repairing, and purchasing new paranormal detection equipment.  I also created and update the website as well as lead the team both during investigations, and afterwards when we review and analyze our data. I also conduct research on a weekly basis for our radio show, "The Lehigh Valley Paranormal Experience."


Roseanne Slapinsky
Investigator/ Radio Show Operator
Roseanne graduated from Saucon Valley High School in 2002.  She is very organized and excels at keeping equipment and situations under control.  She is our expert of photography and radio broadcasting. 
Hobbies: Photography, crocheting, and painting. 
Duties: Keeping track and organizing equipment, managing time, systemizing files, and running the control boards for our weekly radio show.


Maureen Ammons

Case Manager/ Investigator


Maureen graduated from North Penn High School.  She has had numerous experiences and encounters with spirits.  Her first experience occured in 1988, and ever since then, she has been passionate about the paranormal. 


Hobbies: Decorating, wood crafting, gardening, cooking, music, and old cars

Duties:  Contacting different places to investigate, taking notes, and forming a case file that is readily available for the group to examine before an investigation takes place. Maureen also assists in investigations.