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LVOSS Protocols

Lehigh Valley Oganization of Supernatural Studies

     Here at LVOSS we take a scientific and logical approach to all of our investigations.  We rely soley on our equipment and the evidence that we obtain from the use of our equipment to detect the presence of any spirits; therefore, we do not use any psychics or psychic aids (ouji board, seance, etc..) because there is little or no proof to back up any claims made by these.
     Our investigators are prohibited from using tobacco, alcohol, or any other controlled substances while investigating.  We hardly believe that anything serious could be taken from an investigator who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Meanwhile tobacco smoke may produce false "ectoplasm" images where a photo contains a spirit who is in mist form.  Any of these will question the validity of our results and I will have zero tolerance for these actions of our investigators.
     Our investigators are expected to look and act professional at all times.  This being said, our investigators are expected to dress appropriately in attire with no holes, stains, or anything that appears sloppy.  Any investigator who dresses inappropriately will be prohibited from participating in the investigation.