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Services We Offer

Lehigh Valley Oganization of Supernatural Studies

These are the methods we practice
and services we offer to our clients. 
There are Never any fees for our services!

     Our mission as a paranormal/supernatural research and investigation group is to explain how and why paranormal phenomenon occurs.  If you feel that your home, office, etc. is possibly haunted, please feel free to give us a call and allow us to communicate with you.  If you desire more answers, we can also schedule an investigation. 


     We specialize in analyzing and disproving any natural occurrences that may deceptive into falsely convincing people of a so-called haunting.  For example, cars passing by a window may project a "shadow" or light moving across a room.  High EMF being radiated from an object may cause paranoia, nausea, and a feeling of being watched.  Poorly insulated walls, cracks in walls, vents, or open windows are great media for sounds to be transferred, which can be falsely be interpreted as paranormal phenomena.  Open windows, doors, or vents may also create drafts which cause air to flow throughout the room and cause a door to slam shut or open up on its own.  However, if we find evidence that a spiritual entity is present, we will find answers about why the spirit is there.


     Here at LVOSS, we take a skeptical, yet logical approach to paranormal activity.  As stated before, there are natural explanations to why one may be deceived into thinking a place is haunted.  We take all these reasons into consideration when conducting an investigation and may be able to help you feel at ease if you believe your place is haunted. 


     We operate by first setting up equipment to record abnormal fluctuations in EMF and temperature readings.  We also attempt to capture voices on our recorders as well as visual images of entities with our cameras.  After a thorough investigation and collection of all our data, we then begin to review and analyze the data we collected.  After careful analysis, debunking all natural explanations, we then draw a conclusion from our data and decide whether or not the area is haunted.  If we conclude that the area is in fact haunted, we will then decide what course of action to take, if any is desired.  This is because not all hauntings are the same and may require additional investigations and research into WHY there is a haunting.  We wish to stress that we do not use psychic abilities to cleanse the area because this has little or no effect.  Blessing of the area by a minister or other religious leader is an option, but typically has little desired results.  With additional information about why there is a haunting, we try to figure out a reasonable solution, if one exists.  Once again, never charge any fees for investigations because we wish to better help our understanding and educate the public about paranormal phenomena.

If you have a question but don't necessarily
desire an investigation, feel free to email me at
or call Stephen at 610-392-1892

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