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Investigations Page

Lehigh Valley Oganization of Supernatural Studies

     These are the investigations that LVOSS conducted.  Click on a link below, and you will find an overview of the results from the investigations and a link to download EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) that we have collected in our investigations using our digital voice recorders as well as photos we captured. 
     We exercise extreme caution when reviewing our data to assure ourselves that an alleged EVP is absolutely NOT something that has a natural explanation.  We conclude that all of these EVPs are disembodied voices which can not be accounted for; therefore, we are unable to explain them and arrived at the conclusion that they are paranormal. 
      If we capture photos that we believe are paranormal entities, they will be posted as well.  Since, most of our photos are orbs, we do not post them because we are not 100% convinced that they are paranormal entities.
*Due to respect for clients' privacy, not all investigations will be posted.
Please Note: EVPs can be downloaded as a Zip file, I edited the EVPS and saved them as .wav files because there are way too many to post individually. 
Click on the link inthe investigation summary to download our results.  In some investigations we caputured a lot of EVPs, so I had to compress them in a .zip format, so an unzipping program is needed.  If you have trouble downloading any file; email me at sslapinsky@verizon.net and I will gladly email you the files, enjoy!

Private Residence Investigation

Other LVOSS investigations include:
Locktender's House in Easton, PA
Sach's Covered Bridge in Gettysburg, PA
Van Sant's Covered Bridge in Bucks County, PA
Indian Tower in Nazareth, PA
Hansell Road in Bucks County, PA
Holicong Road in Bucks County, PA
Lehigh County Courthouse in Allentown, PA
Lehigh University Library in Bethlehem, PA
Sun Inn in Bethlehem, PA
Lutz Franklin Schoolhouse in Hellertown, PA
White Palm Tavern (Formerly The Topton House) Topton, PA
Numerous Private Residences