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Black Bass Inn Investigation Results 3-16-2011

Lehigh Valley Oganization of Supernatural Studies

This investigation was conducted by Myself, Rose, Dave, Zach and Chris.  This haunted inn is believed to be haunted by several spirits: A woman who is seen in the hallway and also seen sitting in a chair in a room holding a pearl-handed revolver.  We investigated and discovered that this lady's name is Mary and she dwells in Room 8.  We found this out by communicating to a man named Tony who is in Room 2.  He says he died in a fire.  Tony also told us about the original caretaker, Hans, who is believed to be in Room 3.  Altogether, we have a VERY eventful night and captured 36 EVPs and 4 orb photos.


Click here to download EVPs

Orb in front of the headboard

Another Orb in front of the headboard

An orb above the bed which appears to be moving, also an orb above lamp on the right

An orb in the center of the photo