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Private Residence Investigation

Lehigh Valley Oganization of Supernatural Studies

This investigation took place in September of 2011 when the residents were concerned about paranormal activity going on both inside and outside of their house.  Common occurences included: the client seeing shadows, being bonked on the head, and even getting scratched in the middle of the night.  The residents had their house blessed by a priest several weeks before contacting us, but saw no difference in the amount of activity that took place there.  We investigated and discovered that the spirit who dwelled there is a seven year old boy named "Timmy."  There also is a ghost cat there named "Petey."  We investigated and discovered answers for the client as well as collected some incredible evidence. 

We have reviewed our evidence and we collected a total of 81 EVPs, 2 video clips, and a possible orb photo

A small orb on the right which may be a spirit

A video clip of what we believe to be "Petey, the ghost cat" playing with a robe

Click here for .zip file of our 81 EVPs we captured.