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Hexenkopf Rock Investigation

Lehigh Valley Oganization of Supernatural Studies

Dave and I investigated Hexenkopf Rock right after our investigation at Knecht's Covered Bridge.  We began our investigation at approximately 11:30pm.  It was clear and mild with temperatures in the 50's.  We managed to capture some very chilling EVPs in which a couple sound like a spell is being chanted.  Right after we heard theses EVPs, the fog started to roll in as if on cue.  The legend goes that Hexenkopf Rock is where witches practiced black magic and performed rituals, and some were even killed there.  Please listen to our evidence and see for yourself


Evil laugh



Hey You


I got the wood

I like you

Inaudible response

Let's get them more

Possible Chanting

Spell Chanting

More spell chanting