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Private residence investigation

Lehigh Valley Oganization of Supernatural Studies

We investigated this private residence for a second time on March 6, 2012.  We began the investigation around 9pm and ended around 1:30am.  We encountered many experiences ranging from: seeing a sheep statue move inexplicably on its own, seeing a shadow person with an immediate cold spot afterwards, hearing an EVP say "hey" and "up here", and finally we seemed to have luck with an app on our phone with a built in word database in which the spirits can exert certain amounts of energy in order for this device to speak a word.  Now, this is not proof of the existence of a spirit, but some of the words we captured were definitely relevant to the investigation.  We seemed to have had a perfect storm going for us this night because we had the biggest solar flare since 2006 occur, which may have fed the spiritual activity, it was also a full moon, which is believed to be a key factor for determining spiritual activity, and we also tried a new technique: using lemons to attract spirits.  With the combination of all of these factors, we had a really good investigation.  Here is the evidence that we have captured and analyzed so far.  I am still in the process of analyzing the rest of the DVR footage, so if we have the shadow person on camera, we think we did capture it, it will be posted ASAP.

Class B EVP- "Hey"

Class B EVP- "up here"

Class C EVP- (inaudible)