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05-12-2012 Private Residence Investigation

Lehigh Valley Oganization of Supernatural Studies

     On Friday, May 12, 2012, we conducted the second part of this private residence investigation.   It was a first quarter moon phase, with no solar activity occuring, and the geomagnetic field was normal. 
     These were the exact same atmospheric conditions that we had on the eve of our second investigation this residence. 
     There is only one variable between this investigation and the last investigation: LEMONS! To see if the activity would be the same as the previous investigation, we did NOT use lemons this time.  The result? We were able to capture 11 EVPs and we only had one or two personal experiences. 
Our thoughts are that the lemons we used on our first investigation may have aided (no pun intended) the spirits  to manifest.
Below is the EVPs we captured:


Breath 2


It's me (GB)

I liked it here (GB)


Yeah (GB)

I did (GB)

Hello (GB)

Husband (GB)

"3 spirits" in two voices: 1 male 1 female (GB)


***(GB) means that the EVP was captured using the "Ghost Box."