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6-27-12 Private Residence Investigation

Lehigh Valley Oganization of Supernatural Studies

This is a follow-up investigation that we conducted to see if we could collect more information about the spirit or spirits that are believed to dwell there.  We used several new pieces of equipment we recently purchased: a full spectrum DVR camera, full spectrum flood light, and a new full spectrum camcorder.  We also used lemons during this investigation in an attempt to increase paranormal activity.  In addition to using lemons, we also used our new "Ion Generator" as well as our EM pump in an attempt to possibly increase the amount of activity.  The investigation lasted approximately 4 hours. Three EVPs were captured.  The first one was captured via digital recorder, and the other two were captured via Maureen's ghost box.  On the ghost box, we heard "lemons" as we were talking about the theory that lemons attract spirits.  We heard "Zach" through the ghost box as Zach walked into the room.